PDMFA Members' photo gallery

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George with his Deuces wild
Ali and Mustang 11th April 2011
Ali and Mustang (video)
Allen and Jungmann 11th April 2011
Allen and Jungmann (video)
Michael and Boomerang Nano 1tth April 2011
Michael and Boomerang Nano

George with ParkZone Habu

George with Sebart Shark 30e

Johnny's Ki-61 pics

Ron with his Tiger Moth

Ron with his Tiger Moth

Charlie with his Corsair (video)

Scale Fly-in June 2010

Scale Fly-in June 2010 Flickr

Charlie's B-25 Mitchell

Fun Fly May 2010

Charlie with new Mustang

Donald with new WOT4

Mark's F-16 flying

Mark's F-16 pics

Ron's SE5 pics

Mike's Boomerang Nano

Eric's F-18 pics

Night flying pics

Michael's F-15 pics

Charlie's Hunter pics

August FunFly updated

Allen's Dakota pics

Bill G's PC-9 pics

Mike's CAP and Jet pics
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