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Mark's FMS Red Arows Hawk 80mm EDF April 2018 (video)

Best trainee 2017 Kenny Shepherd being presented with trophy by Michael Fleider

Mark's FMS Avanti/Futura 70mm/80mm fans, both on 6s June 2017

Ali's Zebart Sbach DLE55+pipe April 2017

Mark's Taft Viper Jet Dec 2016

Best trainee 2016 award

Brian Mather farewell

Fun fly August 2016

Ali's Katana with DLE 40 twin

Club Fly in July 2015

Dual Ace Twins Dec 2014
George with his Westland Wyvern, Mintor 22cc engine
George with his Wyvern

April 2014 new pics

Michael's Xcalibur

Davy Gray cup winner 2013

Michael and Xcalibur jet

George/Michael Madness/Midget Mustang

Fun Fly August 2013 (pics+video)

George with Hanger 9 Mustang

Electric Fly in July 2013

Michael and Viper, Jetcat P120
Ian and ViperEDF 10 blade fan jet - June 2013
Ian and Viper

Scale Fly-in June 2013 (video)

Ali with MSX-R, DLE 55

Fun Fly May 2013
Mark's Sbach 342
Mark's Sbach 342
Michael with his Hanger 9 Jackal Nov 2012
Michael and Jackal
Michael's Winter project October 2012
Michael's Winter project
PDMFA Fun Fly August 2012
Fun Fly August 2012 (video)
Carlie with his Skyraider 10th August 2012
Charlie and Skyraider
George's Jumper 25 Twin pics and test flight video 5th August 2012
Jumper 25 Twin (video)
Eddie & Spacewalker 2 July 2012
Eddie & Spacewalker 2
Charlie's B-17 July 2012
Charlie's B-17 (video)

Scott and F4F Wildcat

Mark's T-28 Trojan

May 2012 Fun fly (video)
Ali with his FMS T-28 Trojan
Ali with FMS T-28 Trojan
Bill's FMS  P-40 Warhawk
Bill's P-40 Warhawk (video)
George with his Fox glider
George and Fox glider

Charlie & Max Thrust P-47 (video)
Ali with his YT Spitfire
Ali & YT Spitfire
Bill's FMS Mustang
Bill's FMS Mustang
John Bank's E-flight Yak 54
John Bank's Yak 54
George & Max Thrust Mustang
George & Max Thrust Mustang
Charlie's FMS Mustang
Charlie's FMS Mustang (video)

Mark's A1 Skyraider (video)

Charlie's Zero

Michael's E-Flight Extra

Bill's Turbo Porter

Charlie's P-47

Michael's Vortex 32 (video)

Michael's Boomerang XL (video)

Ali and Black Horse Corsair (video)

Michael's Boomerang XL 1st (video)

Allen/Ripmax Harmony (video)

George with his Corsair
Wilson's Panther
Wilson's Panther
George with his Focke Wulf
George and Focke Wulf
Pics from August 2011 Fun Fly
Fun Fly August 2011

Allen's Harvard

Electric Fly in July 2011

Bill's Warhawk

Johnny's Thunderbolt

Mark's Corsair

Mark's Birthday bash

Wilson Laurie & Vulcan
Scale day June 2011
Scale day June 2011
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