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Bill's Seagull Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter


Box art

The wing securing screws are positioned quite close to the wing mount tube location and even when fully tightened some play at the trailing edge of the wing was present. A length of 3/16" dowel through the fuselage with 1/4" long locating pegs hold the wing securely.
Para jump / access step made from litho plate. The upright catch lever on the servo tray allows the tray to be removed for easy access to servos, Rx and fittings
Working U/C struts, leg fairings, wing strut and scale type wheels makes a difference to scale looks
Scale air intake cut in cowl for cooling motor and ESC
Scale tailplane end plates from litho
Ready for flight tests
Full size
Full size

Mods to kit mainly for improved scale appearance - otherwise as out of the box


U/C height lowered by spreading legs and adjusting angle of axles
Rigid U/C struts replaced by sliding oleos hinged at top on fuselage side as full size
Balsa fairings added to main U/C legs
Thin tubular wing struts replaced by sturdier shaped section
Tail wheel assembly replaced
Main wheels replaced
Litho plate para jump/access step added at door
Black anti-dazzle added to the nose (self adhesive vinyl)
Tailplane end plates added
Central frame support added to canopy
Air intake opened out in front cowl to improve motor/ESC cooling
Cooling air outlet openings cut in underside battery hatches


Excellent quality kit. Instructions sparse but adequate with building sequence shown by line drawings. Good quality fittings and fixtures, no parts missing and a sturdy liteply adjustable electric conversion mount included. No sags or wrinkles in the covering which is finished extremely well.


Tubing for struts a bit light and 'bendy', replaced with thicker scale shaped section tube when making up new scale struts. Play on wing trailing edge fixed by adding short dowel locating pegs.


No scale flaps! The full size Turbo Porter is essentially a STOL aircraft and utilises flaps in it's regular role as bush plane operating in and out of remote, small airstrips.


Everything fitted together well with no problems and the finished models is very scale looking with the minor mods made.

Electric power

Tests with various props on the AXI 4120/14 outrunner determined that the best power with reasonable Amps was achieved with an APCe 14 x 10 prop. and 4S 3300mAh 35-70C lipo or similar.

This combo will be used for first flights.

Kit details

Wingspan - 63"

Recommended engine 45-55 2st, 70 4st, electric conversion

Actual (electric conversion) - AXI 4120/14 electric motor

Lipo - 4s 3300mAh 35-70C / 4s 5000mAh 30C

ESC - HiModel Pro 80A

Radio - Spektrum DX8 with AR6010 DSMX receiver

Receiver battery - 6v 1500 mAh NiMH

Elevator, rudder servos (2) - Hitec HS-325 HB

Aileron servos (2) - Hitec HS-325 HB

Target weight 7.1 - 7.6lb

Actual weight, 7.5lbs with 4s 3400 mAh lipo, 7.75lbs with 4s 5000mAh lipo

Prop - APCe 14 x10 2 blade