The Seagull PC-9 has been around for some time now and has gained a reputation as a good flying model.

Although an ARTF model there is still a fair bit of assembly required but this is quite straightforward. The quality of build and accessories is excellent with all the parts supplied used, nothing missing and nothing replaced.The only minor problem encountered was that the engine mount bearers were spaced for a low end of the power range engine and had to be modified to suit the SC52 fitted. All up weight came out at 5.75 lbs including the 2.5 oz of noseweight required to bring the C of G to the mid range point. Additional black vinyl trim wingwalks and anti-glare nose panel were added to give a more scale look.

Although not a true scale model the Seagull PC-9 builds up to be a nice representation of the full size PC-9. Model not flown as yet.

Bill - 9th July 2009

3 test flights proved the PC-9's reputation as a great flying model. Perfect weather, warm, blue skies, fluffy clouds and a stiff Westerly breeze. After running a tank of fuel on the ground to set up and bed the motor in the model was lined up for it's first flight.

At full throttle a good bit of up elevator was needed after about 15 metres to unstick the model from the grass and after that the flying was smooth and leisurely. Cruises on 1/3rd throttle and at full throttle the model eats up the sky if that's what turns you on. Slowing down for landing was no problem and straight-in 3 pointers are easy peasy. No trim changes were needed and low rates provided plenty of authority.

For the 2nd and 3rd flights a few mild aerobatics were tried. Loops, rolls, reversals and stall turns (that's about the limit of my aerobatic skills!) were very smooth and precise (no doubt due to the model rather than my flying abilities). The SC52 2 stroke motor has bags of power for the PC-9 and ran fine for all 3 flights with a slightly rich setting.

Super combination of model and engine, both are highly recommended for the intermediated/advanced pilot (as it says on the box). In the hands of a more advanced pilot than myself I'm sure it will do the full monty!

Bill - 10th July 2009



Wingspan - 60ins. (154cm)  
Wing area - 610 sq.ins
Length - 43.7ins (111cm)
Power - 46-52 2-stroke. (50-70 4-stroke)
Factory covered with Profilm
4 channel RC with 5 servos
Approx flying weight - 5.5-5.95lbs (2.5-2.7kg)
Suitable for - intermediate/advanced pilots