Allen Harrigan's AT-6 Harvard


Well, my search for something new to build gravitated towards a Harvard, a big one! I have wanted to model one for some time and was poised to purchase the Brian Taylor plans for his version when, as luck would have it, Charlie Dickson said he had one part built in his loft, acquired following the passing away of the builder some time ago.

After a brief inspection of the airframe, whilst trying to escape an attack by a swarm of midges, the deal was done. Now I just had to get it home and sneak it past SWMBO.......

The model is to a scale of 1:53 spanning 94 inches for a 150 four stroke. The quality of the build is of a very high standard, with the entire airframe sheeted in 1/16 balsa and has a huge cockpit and canopy which is crying out for some super scaling. It also has retracts installed and servos and features concealed control linkages to ailerons and flaps. So far I have just repaired some minor hanger rash to the wing sheeting and have started some cockpit work.



16th August 2011  



5th September 2011 - t he canopy frame has been constructed using litho plate cut into strips and has been split to allow front and rear sections to slide.

The front instrument panel has also been completed.
13th September - more cockpit details