Allen Harrigan's Air Atlantique DC3



Allen with his Dakota, finished and ready for first flights when weather allows.

Lovely model with superb hand finishing. Flying pics eagerly awaited.

24th April 2010


Construction pictures below..

Some more photo's of the Dak. Colour scheme is sprayed with all detail
hand painted and fuel proofed. Windows still to be installed, ailerons,
elevator and rudder to be fixed then testing of engines, radio,
balancing etc. to be done. Have ordered the bike clips ready for the
first flight!!

Regards Allen

3rd August 2009


Three recent pictures of the "Dak" in the Air Atlantique scheme. View
the full size at



10th July 2009


Attached are a few pictures of my DC3 currently under construction.
It's a Top Flite kit, spanning 83 ins.,powered by 2 X 52 FS, Robart
retract and flaps. Finishing in "Air Atlantique" livery using Spectrum
paints having tissued and doped the entire airframe beforehand. Hope to
have complete by August.


Allen Harrigan

18th June 2009